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Real-time practice scheduling

  • View and schedule appointments in real-time, across all Medical Service Providers within the practice
  • See all venues and providers linked to the practice
  • View the 'Appointment Status' which also lists the number of bookings Patient management and pre-admission

Patient management and pre-admission

  • Data validation
    • Enrich and verify patient and account holder information with our Family Check and Global database, decreasing capture time and input errors
    • Create and email/SMS cost estimates prior to the procedure.
    • This gives the patient the ability to accept the quote before you meet.
    • Reduce bad debt by checking available funds
    • Check benefits prior to appointment
  • Billing enquires/claims submissions including:
    • Liaising with medical funders in term of payments, short payments, approvals
    • Collections from private patients
    • Following up on collections
    • Improving cash flow

Your time is valuable.

Save even more time by using MedSol's Medical Debtors' Management offering, part of your practice's complete solution. MedSol's first class service offering includes intuitive software to streamline the everyday operations of your practice.

We save you time by handling all aspects of Medical Debtors' Management for your practice including data capturing, billing, switching, collection, payment allocations and legal collections.

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