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Our Services

What we offer.


Supportive Service


Support staff

  • No impersonal call center agents
  • Assigned MedSol staff member to answer calls and support


  • As rules change we provide training on the rules of each funder and how to apply
  • Training provided on how to use all MedSol electronic platforms

DSP agreements

  • MedSol supports your practice in the decision making process of how to choose the correct Designated Service Provider(DSP) agreement
  • MedSol assist practice with applications

Technical support at the touch of a button.

With you every step of the way.
Sometimes reaching a new level, requires a bit of extra help. That’s where MedSol is at your service.

Regular engagement from our specialized team ensures you are more than just another service provider, but a client that deserves our individual attention.

We realize that the success of your practice greatly depends on the effectiveness of your staff. As such our services extend to include training to accurately apply the rules of each funder and how to use our user friendly platforms.

We provide first class structure for you, allowing you to streamline all aspects of billing and Medical Debtors’ Management, with all the support that you need.

Now you can develop, maintain and nurture relationships that serve.

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